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11 Marble & Natural Stone Trends 1

11 Marble & Natural Stone Trends

Since the introduction of the Ridge Collection we have used a wide variety of natural stones including Carrara, Travertine and Quartzite in our Coffee Tables and Side Tables. In the lead up to the release of our Ridge Dining Table & Console bench we chatted to Nicole Andrews who is the marketing manager for Euro […]
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Carpet Court Website Front Page Image

Beeline Featured In Television Ad For Carpet Court

A couple of pieces from our Ridge Collection were spotted in the latest television advertisement for Carpet Court. Both the Stone Top Ridge Side Table and Ridge Buffet can be seen (though the buffet is harder to spot as it’s off to the left-hand side) on the lowest floor of an apartment building as the […]
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Handmade Furniture Adam Brislin Oval Table In Walnut Featured

Handmade Furniture: 6 Important Things To Know First

As a maker, I often get asked to make custom pieces for clients who want something a little different. These bespoke furniture pieces can be a challenge, as they’re not always straightforward. Sometimes various aspects need to be taken into account, depending on the piece. Is it simply a minor change to a production piece […]
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Stone Top Tables - Ridge Coffee Table Black Terrazzo - Close Up

Stone Top Tables: 3 Things To Know

At Beeline Design we’ve long had the idea to create a range of stone top tables, but we didn’t really have the opportunity to do so until last year with the release of our Ridge Collection. Stone has always been an important material when it comes to home decorating. Stone is strong and heavy, durable […]
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Commercial Furniture Made To Order

Commercial Furniture – Practical And Robust

In recent years we’ve had the opportunity to do some amazing things when creating our range of designer furniture. While most of our furniture is sold to individual customers, we sometimes get requests for much larger amounts for use in businesses around Australia. Selling larger amounts of commercial furniture can be quite exciting. For instance, […]
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Native Timbers Tasmanian Oak 4

Native Timbers Used At Beeline Design

At Beeline Design we use a lot of native timbers. Australia is fortunate enough to have a lot of very beautiful and highly sought after native timbers. Many of these are suitable for fine cabinet and furniture making, and some of these I will talk about here. Timber 101 Before we get into it, here […]
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Other Timbers American Oak 4

Lumber Furniture? Other Timbers Used At Beeline Design

Other Timbers We Use While we mainly use native timbers here at Beeline Design, we do sometimes use imported timbers as well. Though we’re happy enough to use timber from anywhere in the world, we tend to use North American timbers, or lumber as they refer to it over there. These imported timbers are generally […]
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Ridge Collection Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture 101: Introducing Our Beautiful New Ridge Collection

The Ridge Collection of designer furniture features gentle corrugated curves of soft Australian leather, solid timber, metal and stone. Wherever you look, the textures are both soft and bold, with strong colours alongside muted tones and eye-catching lines. The designs are subtle, yet brave at the same time, and the craftsmanship and execution is second-to-none. […]
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Adam Brislin Furniture Maker Melbourne Workshop

Furniture Maker Melbourne : Adam Brislin

What does it mean to be a furniture maker in Melbourne, Australia? Apart from the sporting arena, as a nation we tend to have the bad habit of downplaying our achievements. Whether they be in the arts, manufacturing, technology or countless other areas, we still seem to suffer from the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome that is […]
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Inside Out Cuba Bed Beeline Design 3

Inside Out And Our Cuba Bed: October 2018

For the second time this year, Inside Out Magazine has featured one of our products. This time it is out handcrafted Cuba Bed, made from Tasmanian oak and fine Australian leather. It’s not a long piece but we’re very grateful for the exposure, nonetheless. You can check out the Cuba Bed on our online store. […]