11 Marble & Natural Stone Trends

11 Marble & Natural Stone Trends

11 Marble & Natural Stone Trends

Since the introduction of the Ridge Collection we have used a wide variety of natural stones including Carrara, Travertine and Quartzite in our Coffee Tables and Side Tables. In the lead up to the release of our Ridge Dining Table & Console bench we chatted to Nicole Andrews who is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney and asked for her top trends in Natural Stone and its applications.

The world's designers are always looking for the freshest colour schemes, textures, and materials that are environmentally friendly to update the fads of the past. Natural stone can be a perfect option.

When designing with stone, you have a wide selection of style options and different stone types to fit almost any functional or stylistic need. Granite, quartzite, slate, limestone, and sandstone all have their place to beautify both our interior and exterior design.

In this article, we want to introduce some of the most likely products that will soon be more popular than ever before. Here are just a few of the newest natural stone trends we look forward to seeing soon and in the coming years.

1 – Outside Wall Cladding

Although exterior wall cladding with stone veneer isn't a new idea, choosing the right mix and sizes of stones in bold new ways will always create visual excitement. From square to rectangular shapes, embossing a few of the stone tiles will result in a distinctly new and attractive pattern. Adding a stone planter accompanied by symmetrical stepping-stones will add a rich and vibrant design flavour to your home's exterior. It will also help to decorate the landscape with a unique statement all its own.

2 – Floors and Walls

Vaucluse Residence. Image courtesy of Euro Marble.

Grooved and chiseled designs using natural stone designs have recently become popular for exterior walls. They will also look beautiful on ground floors and under staircases. Also, they tend to help create a design statement when matched with dark stones.

3 – Exterior Marble Cubes

According to real estate experts, your home will look more expensive and classy when you use marble on the outside. When you use square-size stone slabs on your porch floors and patio, your guests will be immediately mesmerized when they visit for the first time.

When symmetrical marble cubes are used to construct pillars and columns, you create a synergy with the entire design concept. Walls that are cladded with square veneer marble tiles will also match up nicely. And, don't forget about planters and stepping stones. These can also follow the same design pattern to make the façade of your home more alluring.

4 – Spread Natural Stones Everywhere

Paonozzo Bar Image courtesy of Euro Marble.

Natural stone lovers enjoy installing these expensive stones wherever they find a suitable location. Whether inside or outside, stones made of quartzite stones have been used in constructing staircases for years. These same rocks can give paving areas an eclectic and appealing look. The bluish tone of these stones, when matched with siding painted in blue hues, will create a vivid new appearance theme for your home.

5 – Sandstone Veneers

Wall cladding using rustic sandstone veneers will also create a pleasant contrast in design for your home. Cladding like this has such a classic design that it will always enhance the overall aesthetic of any space or property.

6 – Granite in the Kitchen

Redfern Residence. Image courtesy of Euro Marble.

Granite is not only an excellent candidate for exterior applications, but polished granite will beautifully decorate your kitchen countertops and backsplashes. By using honed or tumbled polished granite, your kitchen will take on a new and unique flavor you will love and admire.

7 – Outdoor Kitchens

Kitchens outdoors are now becoming more and more popular. By matching wall cladding to your exterior kitchen project, you will end up with a dazzling and unique new theme. Modern backyards and garden patios are always enhanced with an outdoor kitchen. When constructed, they need to show off the very latest equipment and appliances. Natural stones will add to and enhance the modernistic theme of the entire area.

8 – Outdoor Barbecues

A marble countertop in a backyard patio kitchen will impress everyone with its stunning patterns. Each piece will be unique with the spectrum of colors, veins, and grains that make each piece so unique. Adding honed and polished marble stones to any outdoor kitchen setting is a great way to combat the weather. Spills and drops will never matter at all while you enjoy your barbeque or celebration parties. All that's needed is to take a few minutes to often clean the marble so it retains its glory for years to come.

9 – Bedroom Walls

Image courtesy of Dulux Colour Forecast 2019. Photography: Lisa Cohen

Even though the kitchen and bath areas might be the most common spaces to be highlighted with natural stone, many architects and designers suggest spreading its charm to other rooms in the home as well. With a natural stone wall in your bedroom, you not only convey a more relaxed atmosphere but make the area perfect for rest and restoring energy after your busy day. Also, since natural stone can be so flexible, it will work perfectly with any traditional or modern decorating style.

10 – Outside Stone Cubes

Pillars and trims can be created using stone bricks or whole stone cubes to add beauty to any outside area. Peripheral walls or other smaller walls will make your outdoor kitchen installation more appealing than ever. Other ideas are to create chimneys from stacked stones and slabs and using stone pavers with striking patterns to match the theme of your patio. Countertops and seats using large stone slabs will eliminate the need for exclusive countertops.

11 – Natural Stone as Art

Preview of Beeline Design's new collection. Photography Martina Gemmola, AD/Styling Bek Sheppard

Not only do natural stones cover floors, walls, and tables perfectly, they can often be used to make artistic ornaments. As an example, onyx will magically transform any ordinary space. When you add LED lighting, the colors will shine and dance before your eyes. But even the simplest natural stones can create areas of interest and depth to any space in your home. A marble coffee table or dining table is the perfect way to add a luxurious touch to a room whilst still providing a neutral palette.


These are just a few of the natural stone options that are trending today and just waiting for execution by homeowners. We hope you'll be able to use some of these ideas in your home. The question is, what do you plan to do in your home to keep up and perhaps even surpass the latest natural stone trends?

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach. Find out more about Euro Marble here: https://euromarble.com.au/