Photographer Profile: Dani Burley

Photographer Profile: Dani Burley

Photographer Profile: Dani Burley

When we were planning what brands we wanted in Makers Collective there was one in particular I wanted to use- even though it wasn't fully established; I knew Love Your Space prints needed to be seen! The talented photographer behind the brand is Dani Burley who has an incredible eye for light and scenery and her images captured whilst trekking through South America are a beautiful mix of pastel colours and rugged landscapes. Dani has since moved to regional Victoria where she has continued to focus on the beauty in nature through her work. I chatted to Dani to find out a bit of what inspires her and her photography.

Dani Burley photographed at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, by Dani Burley.

When did you first develop an interest in photography?
As a kid I loved video cameras & making documentaries. So I always thought I'd grow up & be a filmmaker :-) It wasn't until I was 29 and living in Mission Beach QLD that my love for photography started.

When did you realise your passion could become your profession? I left Mission Beach & moved to Melbourne to follow my dream of making photography my career. I originally wanted to do fashion, but then I saw an advert for an assistant wedding photographer & went for it & loved it and before long I ventured out on my own.

'Flamingos' Chile 2014, by Dani Burley

Where do your find inspiration?
At the moment, my surroundings. Living down along the great ocean road, I'm spoilt with countryside & coast line. It's just stunning!

How would you describe your style and how has it evolved?
My style, hmm... I do love soft natural lighting & filters. I'm obsessed with landscapes & textures at the moment (because of where I live) Right from the beginning of my photography journey I shot nature. I use to love macro & close ups when I first started, but now it's the bigger picture that excites me. I was also a huge flash user, but I'd rarely ever touch a flash now, natural light to me is way prettier.

Talk us through your creative process?
I will usually have an idea in mind of a particular shot I'm after, but it doesn't always happen. I might end up going for a drive through the country to find a certain line of trees but come home with photos of sheep :-)

Little Town' Bolivia 2014, by Dani Burley

Photography for me is spontaneous, I always keep my camera in the car now, pulling off dirt tracks is always a fun adventure.

I'm not a huge photoshop user, I like to keep the shot as natural & real as possible.

What is next for you? Where do you see yourself in the next year or so? We've been renovating an old cottage for the last 12 months, so styling has become my new obsession and artwork. Since becoming a mum I'm not doing weddings anymore, instead I'd love to sell my artwork.

I've recently opened Love Your Space online print shop, so this will be my next business venture.

I captured some beautiful scenery while I traveled through Bolivia a few years back and I plan to keep adding new images from Victoria and other places we plan to travel.

To find out more about the work of Dani Burley, go to:, or to buy some of Dani Burley's artwork from Beeline Design's shop, click here.