House & Garden Magazine: April 2016

House & Garden Magazine: April 2016

House & Garden Magazine: April 2016

House & Garden feature our Calypso Copper Stools

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, our very own copper Calypso stool was spotted in House & Garden Magazine for April 2016. There's no actual text to speak of - just our stool acting as a side table, next to a very nice bath. However, we thought it was a pleasant surprise and we've included the image here for you to check out.

Our copper Calypso stools are proving to be very popular at the moment. They are literally just flying out the door. As soon as we make them, they're gone! It appears that we really seem to have hit a nerve with the public at the right time!

All of our stools are made from select grade Victorian ash or Tasmanian oak timber. The seats are surrounded by a thin band of real copper and the stools also feature copper rungs between the legs. All metal parts are protected with a hard wearing enamel finish, while all of the wooden parts are hand-rubbed with an oil finish.

If you're not so much into copper, but prefer the look of brass then we have you covered as well. Our brass stools are made in the same way as their copper cousins, and to the same exact same high standards as well.

The Calypso Stools also come in a range of bright or pastel colours for those wanting a bit more colour in their life. We would like to think we have all the bases covered when it comes to simple and elegant three-legged stools - but then we're perhaps a little biased.

Check out our links to the Copper Calypso Stool (Small), Copper Calypso Stool (Tall), Brass Calypso Stool (Small) and Brass Calypso Stool (Tall), which can all be found on our online store.

Thanks go to House & Garden Magazine for the very nice surprise.