Designer Furniture 101: Introducing Our Beautiful  New Ridge Collection

Designer Furniture 101: Introducing Our Beautiful New Ridge Collection

Designer Furniture 101: Introducing Our Beautiful  New Ridge Collection

The Ridge Collection of designer furniture features gentle corrugated curves of soft Australian leather, solid timber, metal and stone. Wherever you look, the textures are both soft and bold, with strong colours alongside muted tones and eye-catching lines. The designs are subtle, yet brave at the same time, and the craftsmanship and execution is second-to-none. The new range is everything designer furniture should be.

Not only that, the new range is a fresh take on the use of traditional, everyday materials, mixed with a little luxury. The various ideas for the range have come from many different sources, from fond childhood memories to current everyday observations. One thing you can say for certain is that ideas can come from anywhere - and at any time - night or day. This new range of designer furniture reflects this.

Of course it goes without saying that every aspect of the Ridge Collection has been carefully considered. Nothing has been done purely for the sake of it. The various elements have been combined to take into account the ever-changing attitudes and increasing sophistication of the buying public. Finely built, hand crafted designer furniture is becoming more popular of late, and it's not hard to see why? After all as Sir Henry Royce, of Rolls Royce fame, once said 'The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten'.

At Beeline Design we feel we are fortunate to be amongst a growing number of hand made furniture makers known for their exceptional quality and offering an alternative to the high street brands. Our constant drive to produce quality well made designer furniture results in a range of meticulously executed, unique pieces which reflect Beeline Design's relaxed modern aesthetic.

As a result this latest range is inspired by Adam’s childhood growing up in Bunbury, located on the South-West part of Western Australia. The area is surrounded by farming land which, like much of Australia's rural areas, is dotted by traditional corrugated iron sheds. This helped to form a very strong image. Adam knew even back then that he wanted to create beautiful and functional designer furniture when he got older.

So, with this in mind, Beeline Design had wanted to incorporate the use of corrugated metal into our designs for quite a long time. However, we couldn't quite find the right execution until now. Some ideas were thought of and worked on, only to be scrapped later on as not being quite right at that time. While there were a few discussions, and more than a few diagrams drawn on various surfaces for the past couple of years or so, it was at the beginning of 2018 that we really started to get things going in regards to creating the new range.

The Ridge Queen Size Bed features soft fine leather panels framed in solid timber and round legs.

Pushing Boundaries.

At Beeline we like to push boundaries when it comes to our designs. Adding an extra level of detail as a point of difference, The Ridge Collection of designer furniture is no exception. Finding a way to join the metal as seamlessly as possible, and without welding was definitely a hurdle when it came to the table bases and stools. It was a problem that we had to overcome however, and we never shy away from a challenge!

Our goal was to create a collection by using a material that is regarded as quite utilitarian, using materials not normally found in designer furniture. We then felt we had to give a new level of luxe. By covering it in leather and pairing it with stone and timber, we feel we've gone a long way in achieving this goal. The feedback that we've received so far with the new range has been great, and also very encouraging. 

Open Ridge Buffet, showing drawer detail.

A New Direction For Designer Furniture.

The result is a collection of simple silhouettes that combine both textural and smooth surfaces. At the same time the new Ridge Collection signals a new direction for the brand.

The new range of designer furniture consists of six key pieces. These include a bed, side table, coffee table, stool, bench seat, and buffet. Each piece is available in either a soft leather finish or matte powder coat finish. Tables, stools and bench seats are then further paired with either a stone or a timber top.

One of the things we wanted to do is to make these pieces really versatile and easily customisable. Later on this year the range will be expanded to include two new dining table styles, as well as adding more options with regards to tops, including concrete and steel.

By utilising a material that is synonymous with the Australian rural landscape the Ridge Collection of designer furniture introduces a new use for corrugated iron in a modern setting.

Ridge Coffee Table, with powder coated base and black terrazzo stone top.

Introducing The Ridge Collection Of Designer Furniture.

The Ridge Bed features leather-clad panels housed in a solid timber frame. It has been carefully crafted from sustainably sourced Tasmanian oak, as well as corrugated steel and fine Australian leather. Bed sizes come in single, king single, double, queen and king., and prices start from $1919.

The Ridge Buffet features a similar design. The leather-clad corrugated metal is surrounded by a solid timber frame. It is also handcrafted from Tasmanian oak. The door handles, made from powder coated steel and solid timber, are designed so that they appear to float in front of the cabinet. The Ridge Buffet adds an extra hint of hidden luxury with a pair of leather fronted drawers, concealed behind the cabinet doors. The Ridge Buffet shows careful attention to detail, resulting in designer furniture that is sure to become an an heirloom piece. Prices start from $5990.

Ridge Bench Seat, with a solid timber top.

The Ridge Stool and Ridge Bench Seat both feature a base that has been formed into a cylinder. They are then finished with a hand crafted Tasmanian oak seat. Both of these pieces are available in a range of powder coated colours, as well as a leather version. Prices start from $390.

The Ridge Side and Ridge Coffee Table are similarly crafted with a cylindrical base. A range of powder coat colours, and a leather version, are available. Depending on preference, a timber and stone table top is then fitted. There are a few types of stone top that can be chosen. Prices start from $495 for the Side Table and $797 for the Coffee Table.

In Finishing...

We're both very happy with how our new range has turned out. We also feel that the range will fit in very well with our other products. You can now check out the new Ridge Collection of designer furniture at our online store. You can also read about the timbers we use at Beeline Design, and Adam's take on what it means to be a furniture maker in Melbourne.

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