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Eve Gunson from Dot+Pop

We have been big fans of Eve Gunson’s blog Dot+Pop since we were featured on it back in 2014, and if any of you follow her instagram account you will know she has the most beautiful house! So when the opportunity came up to have Eve style our Cuba Collection in her home we jumped at it. We were also lucky enough to sit down and find out a bit more about her many creative endeavours…

Tell us about the inspiration behind your blog dot+pop?

Dot + Pop began because of my always evolving passion for interiors and design. I come from a very creative family and have always loved designing, making and creating. When Matt and I started renovating together my passion grew immensely and I realised that this was more than just a passion. Matt has an incredible eye for design and detail and his love of building and design also inspires me every day.  I started Dot + Pop the blog to inspire others and showcase the best of Australian and International designers and home wares – it has now evolved into an online home wares shop, an interior design business and a styling business too.

You wear a few different hats? Tell us about them and how you juggle it all?

Yes I am definitely one of those people who works best under pressure! I am a full time hair and makeup artist at Network Ten in Melbourne, I also own and operate a Wedding hair and makeup business and have been running Dot + Pop blog and shop for the past 2 years also… additionally Matt and I have been renovating full time for the past 6 years too!

” My tips for juggling many jobs and loves is organisation and a passion for what you do. I am a list junkie, I try to set time frames to complete certain tasks and having a great support network around you is also super important.”

You recently completed your home renovations with your partner Matt, tell us about that experience and how you work together?

This is our second complete renovation. When we purchased it, it was a dilapidated and run down Victorian that had been forgotten about for a long time. The front was still in original 1880’s condition and it had a 1980’s era small extension out the back – it also had a divine salmon bathroom!!  stool-bathroom

The journey for our 2nd renovation has taken 3 years in total. Matt designed and built the house on the side of his Building Company – New Living Constructions. The renovation included restoring the front of the house back to its 1880’s glory – we replaced all the cornice, doors, architraves, fireplaces and archways back to their original condition. We then cut the house off at the end of the original hallway and demolished the entirety of the rest of the house. We then built the new modern extension with the addition of a second story; we lived in the house through the entire renovation from start to finish, moving from the back of the house to the front and back again.

Living through a renovation means you can live without the little things so sometimes the process does take a little longer as well as it taking a toll on your life in general, however the end result is so worth it! Of course times get tough but having each other to lean on and bounce ideas off is very important for your sanity.

 Describe to us your interior style?

My interior style is all about simplicity and texture. I love using raw materials such as timber, steel, concrete and stone – they create a modern, clean but homely feel to your interior. When styling, again I tend to lean to toward natural materials to create layers, add new tones and to create warmth. My go to’s are wools, linen, timber, stone, steel and ceramic, all of these create depth but have a contemporary and minimalist look and feel. Materials and texture is everything when creating a space, Matt and I are timber obsessed and use it in every room of our houses.

bedsideWhere do you get your inspiration from and what (homewares) brands/artists have you recently discovered?

I get my inspiration from so many places and am inspired daily by the world and what it has to offer. When I have time I love to read interior and architectural magazines – I love so many Australian architects and interior designers – their eye for detail and their imagination is so inspiring. My current favs are Figr Architecture, BE Architecture and Whiting Architects. I trawl many online blogs and websites, I follow inspiring stylists and photographers on Instagram and I love to walk the streets around where we live and see what people are doing and how they are integrating design ideas into their own homes.

“I have recently purchased some beautiful art from Kara Rosenlund – she is an incredible photographer and her pieces make me so happy and have such a tranquil feel in my home. I also adore the work of artists Lisa Sorgini – again she is an incredible artist and photographer and her work is so serene and calming but so eye catching.”


There are so many amazing Australian home wares labels that I can’t choose a favourite – however I make my top picks available through my online shop – that way everyone can have a chance to see these beautiful pieces in their own homes.

 What do you see as the next big trend in interiors?

I think the interior trends are moving back to a more refined and minimalist approach. Natural elements, neutral tones and soft and luxurious layering.

eve-ladder-rack-2 What is next for Dot+pop?

Together Matt and I will be on the hunt for our next project very soon… we have so many ideas that we can’t wait to bring to life! Personally I am very focused on my Interiors blog and online shop. I love showcasing the best of Australian and international design and really enjoy helping others design and decorate their own homes. I am hoping to move even more into the design world along with continuing to do the interior design for our own projects. Moving forward I would love to design interiors for clients full time, design furniture with Matt and continue to style professionally.

We were also lucky enough to work with photographer Haley from Haske and you can see more of her beautiful work here

Styling by Eve Gunson

Photography by Haley Kigbo







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