Calypso Collection

Calypso Collection

Calypso Collection

Following on from our popular 'Calypso Stools', Beeline Design have now completed our first full range, The Calypso Collection.

The collection features a range of simple, yet stylish, pieces which compliments our relaxed modern aesthetic. Each piece celebrates the natural beauty of Victorian ash or Tasmanian oak timber, in a style that is both light and elegant, but also built to last.

Some pieces within the range are accented with a facet, or edging, of brass or copper. Others, such as our Calypso stools, feature a pleasing colour palette of pastels, naturals or bolds - as well as metal.

Each piece in the collection is finished with a non-toxic organic oil. This oil not only protects the surface of the piece, it also helps to bring out the natural beauty, figure and grain of the timber.

All copper and brass surfaces are coated to help protect the metal from tarnishing.

If you are interested in having a look at our new range of furniture in the Calypso Collection then click here.

 Tri Nest Tables in brass and timber.

 Modular Boxes in copper and timber.

 Orb Pendant Light in timber.

 Calypso Side Table in Copper and timber, and Calypso Stool (small) in timber.

Calypso Stool (tall) in Copper and timber, and Calypso Stool (small) in timber.

All artwork and styling accessories available from Click On Furniture.